Hailing from the heart of Germany. From the tender age of 5, Harry's heart raced with an unyielding fascination for the world of motorsport. For the Kiefer family, racing was more than a sport; it was a heritage that coursed through their veins. Harry's grandfather, was a legendary figure in the realm of go karting in the 1960's, proudly wore the title of Germany's national champion.

    His father was a rally driver participating in rally's spanning the European continent and later on was essential to make the DTM a succes story for German Touring Car Racing filling the  racetrack at DTM races in Hockenheim to capacity. It was under his wise supervision and guidance that Harry's love for racing was kindled, sparking a lifelong journey.

     Harry's journey led him to race not only cars, but also go kart and Formula Ford open wheel race cars in the 1980's and 1990's. Competing in an array of local and global racing events. His relentless pursuit of speed brought him to some of the world's most iconic circuits, including the hallowed grounds of the legendary Nurburgring, the Avus, Norrisring, Spa, Circuit Giles Villeneuve, Spielberg, Le Mans and his home track the Hockenheimring. With each lap, Harry honed his skills and garnered invaluable knowledge.

     Today, Harry stands as the driving force behind Mach 1 Karting, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to our karting center. His competence spans every facet of racing, from technical intricacies to strategic mastery. Harry has been a mentor and guide to countless drivers, from novice enthusiasts taking their first laps to seasoned pros seeking the podium's top step.

   Harry is not just a name but a symbol of excellence and dedication in the racing world. At Mach 1 Karting, he is ready and eager to assist every driver on their journey towards achieving podium glory. Join us, and let Harry's passion for racing propel you to new heights in the thrilling world of go karting.

Together, let's make your racing experience better.